Heather Harlow Luxury Escort


Heather is a forty-something highly regarded companion that stands 5'9' flat footed and weighs about 139 pounds. She workouts 6 days a week which includes high intensity cardio and weight lifting.  Being fit is a lifestyle that keeps her centered, well balanced, and most importantly--healthy! She is a woman that has the verve for the best that life has to offer. So while Heather appreciates a fine champagne, she also enjoys a cold one when going to a sporting event or lounging around the pool. She has a love for the beach--especially boating on your yacht perhaps, or boating down the Colorado River soaking up the sun. Harley rides up the 101 on a beautiful, scenic back road is her idea of pure bliss. 

She admits she is a foodie, so if you want to try that great new restaurant or explore and find the best steak and seafood in town, it's a sure way to her heart! There is nothing more she loves than great food, great company, and a lot of laughter. Heather has a goofy, girlish sense of humor so, a man that can make her laugh is a perfect match for her. 

Furthermore, Heather is passport ready and will travel wherever the heart desires! She has the opportunity to travel abroad and when doing so, she appreciates flying first class with her hotel being top-notch.

Of course Heather appreciates receiving gifts from her wishlist and it adds to the excitement of the date. They are never expected but when you do surprise her, be ready for a sensual and soft "Thank You" kiss. Heather looks forward to creating the fantasies and memories that you have been yearning! 

P.S.- So there are no misunderstandings, she has set 10 guidelines on her etiquette page as gentle reminders. They are all pretty straight-forward and obvious, but she asks that you review them before contacting her and keep them in mind during your meeting.

The World is YOUR Oyster,